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“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the Sun …” (Terry Jacks)

“Seasons in the Sun”

This is a composition of four paintings. (Not to be sold separately.)

Type. . . . Acrylic
Width . . . 12" (each)
Height. . . 12" (each)
Price . . . $CAD 150

In case it wasn’t already obvious, I’ve used Terry Jacks’ poster song, Seasons In the Sun, as the inspiration for this composition. It’s one of my favourite songs, so listening to it over and over again was really nice. (And no, Nirvana’s or any number of other remakes don’t even come close to Terry’s interpretation.)

But before heading to YouTube for an audition, please have a look at the images below. Some are “hanged on the wall” imitations of how the paintings will look like when displayed in a room, the rest are just detailed shots of each of the four individual paintings. Enjoy!

“Hanged on the wall” (Click on the image for details.)




Close-ups. (Click on the image for details.)

“Seasons in the Sun: Spring”

“Seasons in the Sun: Summer”

“Seasons in the Sun: Fall”

“Seasons in the Sun: Winter”