Were you wondering how I did this recent mixed media bas-relief painting? I know I would have if I were you :-)… So, anyway, here’s a bit from the inside story of The Making of Medusa.

All my paintings are executed on stretched canvases to which I have to be careful not to add too much extra weight and pressure. So I usually work with light materials that leave a bit of elasticity to the canvas itself. For this particular piece I needed something that gives a powerful, realistic 3D effect. Clay would have done the job but it would have added too much weight to the overall painting. So I decided to look for something else and after a bit of experimenting and a lot of thoughtful consideration I chose a heavy-duty aluminium foil covered with a couple thin layers of modelling paste and matte gel medium.

So there!, now you know one of the biggest secrets of the mysterious art of bas-relief painting. I’ll write another one on the back of my painting, so guess how that one could be revealed? Yep, I accept PayPal. Bitcoins, too. 🙂

Medusa skech

Medusa skech2