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This is an unique mixed media low relief painting. Texture plays a major role in this painting. It really is stunning and an eye-catcher. If displayed in any room is sure to attract many eyes.  In order to find the treasure you have to wait till night falls, some of the rocks glow in the dark and reveals the path to the treasure location. This is an magnificent map.

The scene is a fantastic,  mermaids, dragon, sea monster and pirate ship could not be left out from such an outstanding treasure map.


— “Treasure Map”

Type. . . . Acrylic
Width . . . 18"
Height. . . 24"
Price . . . $CAD 300

Please have a look at the images below (click on them for a bigger size version) in order to examine some of the details.

This is how it looks at night.

This is how it may look at your place.