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I was always fascinated by this legendary aquatic creature with the head and torso of human female and the tail of a fish. Although most people believe that these creatures are mythological and do not exist, there are some who like to think they are out somewhere deep in their water kingdom. They would sing with enchanting voices while hiding among the rocks by the shore. When the men hear their song they are hypnotized. Some old folk traditions claim that the Mermaids carry its victims under the sea and offer them to their trophy.
My little mermaid is out on the shore watching the sunset waiting for the prince of her dreams to arrive on the skyline.

— “The Mermaid”
This is a composition of three paintings. (Not to be sold separately.)

Type. . . . Acrylic
Width . . . 12" (each)
Height. . . 24" (each)
Price . . . (SOLD)

I used real seashells and individually hand shaped “rocks” made of modeling clay. This gives a nice real like 3 D effect to the painting. A little piece from a big ocean.

Please have a look at the close-up details.

This is how it may look at your place.