I have a made a series of four paintings inspired by the life in the world’s oceans. They all share the following traits:

  • One corner of the painting is “sculptured,” and by that I mean a special technique that requires applying a layer of clay on the canvas, which is then either modeled or encrusted with various different forms. The result resembles a sculpture somehow, and definitely adds a spatial dimension to the painting. For this series I have used real sea-shells and also done some hand-made modeling of the clay, the overall result being a very nice and unique aspect of the painting.
  • A central “character” represented by an aquatic life form:

The paintings are done on 8″ x 10″ canvas using acrylic, clay and real sea-shells. On top of all these a very thin layer of varnish has been applied to protect the painting against dust and light.

I will be posting one painting per day starting tomorrow, so please stay tuned and check back on this blog.

Hope you enjoy them all!